Just like our church friends, nonprofit organizations and their websites aren’t exempt from the trends and latest design techniques that we see in the web design world. 

As we’ve mentioned before, not all website trends are unnecessary, passing fads. Many of these elements can make your website more aesthetically pleasing or even more functional for your web visitors.

If you’re looking for design inspiration, or you just want to make sure your website is up-to-date with the current trends, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of the current 2023 nonprofit web design trends for you to enjoy.


Videos are a great way to make a connection with your nonprofit’s target audience, even through a computer screen! Videos allow you to speak directly to web visitors and give them a better understanding of your organization’s history, mission, and work.

Many in the website industry say that users spend more time on websites with videos on them, and videos get more engagement from users.

Take a look at Lupins Africa’s website to get a better view of their video. Lupins Africa is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring victims of sexual abuse in Uganda. On their website’s home page, they include a short introductory video from their executive director.



This video allows their organization to share their mission and story in an engaging way. This can encourage website visitors to stay on your website for a longer period of time and interact with your organization.

Online Fundraising

As websites have become more and more advanced, online fundraising has become a huge trend for many nonprofit organizations. Giving potential donors more opportunities and methods to support your organization is always a good idea!

On Claremore Public School’s website, you can see their online donation page. They offer multiple ways to send in donations including an online payment.

Personal Photos

Nonprofit organizations are also trending away from posed, stock photos in favor of more personal pictures that exemplify their team’s overall mission. Personal photos can help web visitors connect with your organization and see the work your team is doing.

Once again, Lupins Africa is a great example of this website trend. Throughout their website, they consistently use photos of members of their team and the girls they’re helping in Uganda.

Photos are a great way to make an emotional connection with the people viewing your website and encourage them to get connected with your organization—whether that’s through volunteering, donating, or other forms of support.




Many nonprofit organizations use their website to tell stories. This can either be about the organization or founders themselves, or about the group the organization is working to help.

Just like personal photos, telling stories is a great way to make a connection with the users visiting your website. It can give viewers an insight into the heart behind your organization or the work you’re doing.

On Mackenzie’s Mission website, they tell the story of Mackenzie and her Amyloidosis diagnosis. They describe Mackenzie’s entire journey from diagnosis to treatment to healing. This is a great way to reason behind the organization’s founding.




Simple Layout or Design

Nonprofit organizations are moving away from full, cluttered websites and embracing simplicity. You want to create a website that is easy to navigate and looks aesthetically pleasing for web visitors.

A great way to create a simple design is to include white space, stick to a color scheme, and only include your most important content. You can still include photos and bright colors, but remember, sometimes less is more!

On the Chiropractic Services Network’s website, they do a great job of having a simplistic design but still providing any information a web visitor would need. Having plenty of white space around their content helps the site look clutter-free and complements the blue of their logo.




Online Forms

This last nonprofit website design trend is more about making your website functional than just aesthetically pleasing or enticing for visitors. Many nonprofit organizations have begun including online forms on their websites.

This trend is a great way to stay organized and keep all your responses in one place. Instead of having to distribute and then recollect responses from interested parties, you can simply direct them to your website.

On Cairn Rescue’s website, they include a variety of forms including adoption applications and volunteer interest forms.




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