Now that we’re over a quarter of the way through the year, it’s time to analyze the church website design trends that our team has noticed in 2024.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of current church website trends along with examples. For each trend, we’ve included a picture and a link to the website so you can see more. We hope you can use these trends as inspiration for your own church website:

Social Media Integration

Though having a church social media account may seem like old news, this church website design trend is more about how you integrate it with your church website. Grove Hill Church does a great job by linking every social media account they have in the header of their site.




Most importantly, all of their social media accounts are up-to-date, have recent posts, and link back to their website. No matter how a potential visitor finds them, they’ll be able to get back to the site and learn more about the church and how to contact them.


It’s no secret that video has been a popular and trending church website design trend over the past few years. Many churches utilize short clips on the front page of their site for an eye-catching homepage.

However, many churches are opting to go deeper with their video content in 2024. Take, for example, Providence Church Coatesville. Rather than just using video to draw attention to the site, Providence also uses it as an opportunity to tell visitors more about their church. In addition to showing short clips of their congregation, they also have their pastor speak on the mission behind their church.




Online Registration

From church events to youth group trips and VBS, registration can be a big ordeal for many churches. Now, many churches are beginning to switch to online registration. This church website design trend makes it easy for members to find where to register and it keeps all submissions in one place.

Take a look at Trinity Baptist Church’s website to see how they use this trend to make their VBS registration easier.


Increased Accessibility

Our last church website design trend focuses more on user experience than site aesthetic. Many churches are now designing their website with accessibility in mind to provide a good experience for all website visitors.

One tool that can help increase site accessibility is Userway. This tool places a small widget in the corner of your website like so:




When clicked on, it expands into a sidebar that allows users to make text bigger, increase contrast for better readability, and more. This ensures all website visitors have the same access to your site and information.




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