Last week, we discussed church website trends, but don’t worry nonprofit friends—we haven’t forgotten about you! Today, we’ve compiled the 2024 nonprofit website design trends that our team has seen taking over the digital world.

For each trend, we’ll show you an example and link to the website so you can see more. We hope these trends will inspire you and your own website.


Our first nonprofit website design trend helps to enhance the user experience and make your website seem more engaging. Microinteractions are interactive moments that occur when a user completes an action (like pressing a button, clicking, or just scrolling.)

Many examples of microinteractions can be found on Oxford Mainstreet’s website. You can view three exampls that Oxford Mainstreet includes on their homepage in the video below. They utilize enlarging images, appearing text, and moving buttons to add engagement to their site.





Increased Storytelling

As a nonprofit organization, your team probably relies heavily on donations and volunteers. One of the best ways to attract new supporters (and keep the old ones aware of what their money is used for) is to tell stories about the work your organization is doing.

Lupins Africa, a restoration center for victims of sexual abuse, does a great job with this nonprofit website design trend. At the bottom of their site, they include a ‘latest news’ section that features organizational updates. Whether that’s a message from the director, a donor’s story about visiting, or announcing that the girls have received school admission, these stories help share the heart behind your mission and highlight the hard work your organization is doing.





While not necessarily a new concept, strong Calls-to-action are a never-fading nonprofit website design trend. CTAs are a necessary tool to keep website users on your site and encourage them to take a designated next step.

Cairn Rescue USA’s website is filled to the brim with strong CTAs that encourage their website visitors to take action by volunteering, donating, or adopting. Below, you can see just one example of the CTAs they employ.


Language Accessibility

This last nonprofit website design trend focuses on user accessibility, not just site visuals. Many nonprofit organizations are adding helpful translation tools to their website to make sure users of different languages can still have access to their content. A Simple Word’s website, for example, allows users to switch between English and Portuguese as needed using a small tool in the corner of their site:




This tool automatically changes all content on the website to the language selected.


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