On most websites one of the most visited pages is usually the About Us page, so it is important to maximize the design and content on this page.

The about page should tell a story and needs to encourage a visitor to do business with you. Whether you sell products, are a blogger or provide a service – the about page is where you will build trust!

Below I am going to share some create about us page examples for you to be inspired by. This does not mean copy them – but use some of the examples as a base to creating your own about page that is even better than the examples below.

Then maybe you can let us know about it and we can add yours here too!

What Should Be On An About Us Page?

The about page does not need to be overwhelming! Below are some of the recommended items to have on the page.

  • Owner information
  • Start date
  • Current employees/editors
  • What you do
  • How you are different from competitors

Ultra-Creative About Pages

Below are a few examples of what I call “ultra-creative” about pages. Now, you may wonder why I would not call them great examples! Well, they are cool and definitely make an impact – but I would not recommend these types of pages for most websites.

They are confusing in come cases which will potentially make a user frustrated and leave. Some are just too “busy” with constantly moving parts and no clear navigation or sense of “where you are” in the site.

Others just lack important content to help me know whether I should hire them or not. They are not “connecting with me” so to speak. So, while I give huge kudos to the designers and developers of these sites – I would not recommend these types of pages for most websites.

Simon Daufresne

What Makes These About Page Examples Great?

Below you will find some great examples of about us pages broken down by industry with some notes about what makes that specific page a standout.

While great design and ease of usability are a priority – having clear insight into the businesses practices, awards and mission are just as critical.

The websites below are great examples of layout, font use, color and content that makes a user feel safe about donating, buying or somehow supporting the brand.

Nonprofit About Us Page Examples

Nonprofit organizations need about pages that not only are clear about what they do – but also showcase the effect they are having on their communities.

These examples of about pages below do a great job of making me feel great about supporting them!

To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) uses their Learn page as the about and does a fantastic job of telling the story and how TWLOHA came to be. A story of addiction, depress and suicidal thoughts was the inspiration behind the organization. The story shows the passion and important of what they do and the page outlines this all beautifully.

Easy to scroll down to view the story and the addition of their beliefs and how many people they have reached with their message are additional items that make this a strong about us page.

about page for to write love on her arms

Project For Public Spaces

Project for Public Spaces brings public spaces to life for the community to use and their about us page does a great job of making it easy to understand what they do and how they do it.

Strong images that showcase their work and a tabbed timeline by year show the work they have done over the years. A link from the page can take you directly to the team page so you can see the people that make the magic happen.

This about page offers creativity, a sense of the work they do, trust my noting awards and the support they received.

about page for pps.org

Equal Justice Initiative

Simple, clean and easy to read make the Equal Justice Initiative about page a winner. A brief intro outlines their initiative.

A clearly defined our work section shows all the great things they do and that leads into a great our team area where you can see how big the staff is with a link to learn more about the team members if you would like to.

What I particularly like on this page is not only the addition of a donate button but a link to their latest annual report – which is important to building trust!

Equal Justice Initiative about page

E-commerce About Page Examples

Farm To Feet

Farm to Feet produces socks that focus on being environmentally friendly and entirely sourced and produced in the US. The about page told me everything I would want know from how the socks were made to how they are helping the environment and the organizations they support.

It gave me enough information about them to know that I am making a great buying decision!

Farm to Feet ecommerce about page

Taaluma Totes

Taaluma Totes is a unique brand that sources fabric from around the world, makes the totes in the US and then offers micro-loans back to each tote’s country.

The about page is clear, features great images from the areas they source the fabric from and the people the micro-loans are helping. The impact they are making is clearly noted which makes me want to support them.

They also showcase the benefits of their totes on the page as well as all the press mentions, including Shark Tank. I would feel confident and secure in buying from this website based on their about page.

Taaluma about page

Service Based About Pages

Whether a doctor or a plumber, service based industries really need to step up their game when it comes to creating an about page. Because usually these are local services, it is important to help your visitors understand why visiting you is the choice they want to make!

Tend Dental Practice

Not only is the Tend about page beautiful – it is filled with goodies that make me want to visit them! They start with “we want you to look forward to the dentist” which right off the bat makes me feel they understand me.

They talk about the years of experience, how procedures are not commission based and how they hire their staff. Then they also focus on their technology and safety practices.

But – they do it all with short text! Perfect for a quick read!

About Tend dental

Robin Noguier

While the site overall can be a little confusing to some – the about page for Robin Noguier, a web consultant, is a great example of what should be included.

He has videos of his speaking engagements, a creative job timeline showing where he has worked and a creative way of showcasing his clients and the projects he did for them. It is well formatted and clean and easy to read. His portfolio would give me enough confidence to work with him!

Robin Noguier about

Blogger & Consultant About Me Pages

Even as a blogger or consultant it is more important than ever to have an about page that tells YOUR story! Why should readers listen to you or use your consulting? What makes you an expert? What is your background and experiences?

All of these add to the connection you will make with your readers which in turn can lead to long term relationships that help you build your brand.

Marie For Leo

Marie for Leo helps people create they life they want and has a blog, resources and tools to help readers do it. Her about page is creative and does a great job of adding visual interest while educating readers about her experiences and successes.

Her passion shines through and her resume is filled with high profile interviews adding credibility and authority to her brand.

Marie for Leo about page

Amy Porterfield

She tells her story with creative font usage and well spaced out content that makes it easy to digest. Her story of being a “yes” girl which many of us can to relate to – to a story of entrepreneurship is one that many dream of. Her about page makes it feel achievable and that working with her is a great choice! The addition of the Featured In section outlines her authority in her niche!

Amy Portfield about

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