I gave Diib a test drive to see how it works and if it really offers any value to a website owner.

This Diib review is not sponsored in any way and I paid for a subscription to the program so I could test it out.

What Is Diib?

Diib is a data platform that started back in 2012 that claims to tell people in plain English what they can do on their website to make it better. My one concern about them was that given how long they have been around I had not heard of them until I saw an ad on Facebook. It intrigued me enough to want to try it out.

The tool basically runs a scan of your website and offers a plan for growth based on your current status.

It also takes your data and gives you dollar values based on your data and a snapshot of where you compare within your industry.

Signing Up With Diib

I used my website charitypaws.com to test drive Diib and the sign up process was easy. One you signup you will need to answer a few questions and also sync your data channels like Facebook and Google Analytics to get the data.

Site Dashboard

A well laid out page that focuses on an overview of your website. Jumping in you can easily see how your website is doing and if you are improving or failing in certain areas.

The Daily Health Score shows you how well you are doing based on the Diib predictions. You can see we are at 94% which means we have met 94% of their predictions.

Now, the one thing I am not clear on at all is the Annual Growth Opportunities which is supposed to be a prediction of how much money my site may make in its current state.

When I signed up I noted I made money from ad revenue and only put in that I was currently making $50 per month in revenue. So clearly that number is excessive – so I would not put too much stock in that number.

Diib review


This area focuses on specific areas you can improve in and what the value of that improvement might be.

It breaks down how you can improve your growth, authority, visitor experience and more.


The alerts section is really cool as it gives you an overview of a variety of items that are impacting your website.

One of the things I see that I love is that it will tell you when you have broken backlinks to your own site – which can really impact SEO. There was an alert in my list – then I click on it and it takes me to a page like the one shown below.

I can see the broken backlinks so I can easily fix them by either asking the person linking to it to change the link – or setting up a redirect.

Click through further will give you tips for fixing them too. Well done Diib!

Diib Broken Backlink Alert

Other alerts include growth in Facebook and Twitter, analytics updates and so much more. This is one of the best parts of the tool in our opinion – especially for beginners.

SEO Reporting

The SEO reporting tool offers a look at your keywords, backlinks and search engine indexing. We will look at teach of these in a bit more depth. While this will not replace tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush or even RankTracker – it does give a great overview for a great price.

Diib SEO Reporting Screenshot


The total number of keywords it showed my website ranking for was 2,143. Ahrefs has me at about 2,780 – and while this seems way off, it is actually pretty good! There is no tool that gives you 100% accurate data and I am impressed that Diib showed me as many as it does.

Also found some keywords in Diib that I rank for that were not present in Ahrefs – which is why we always recommend multiple tools if you want the most accurate data!

You can also enter your competitors to see what keywords they rank for to find missed opportunities! While it is not a full keyword research tool like we showcase in our Keysearch review – there are definitely ways you can use it for some quick wins.

Gotta give a shout out to how fast it pulled this data too!


It will show you the number of backlinks you have to your website along with the source of the link, anchor text and domain authority of the linking page.

The number of backlinks it showed was in line with the other tools we use to find backlinks so it is really giving us a great overview at an affordable price.

It showed 2,839 backlinks while Ahrefs shows 2,526 – we did not evaluate them side by side – but like that it was able to pull so many.

The tool also allows you to input competitors to pull their backlinks as well so you can try and get links from the places your competitor does.

Search Engine Indexing

This is just a good look at whether you have pages being blocked for the search engines. Definitely helpful in finding pages that may be blocked that you do not want blocked.

Social Analytics Reporting

Right now Diib only works with your Facebook page and provides all the data from your Facebook insights and puts into an easy to read and understand format to help you improve your Facebook performance.

We really like the simplicity of this report – if you have ever looked at Facebook Insights, it can be quite overwhelming. This report really gives me an easy to read analysis of my page over either 7, 14 or 30 days in great graphs and charts that are easy to understand.

The Social Analytics report features:

  • Performance overview – see your fan reach, growth, click thru rate and sentiment.
  • Post performance – see your posts list, the date and reach and engagement to get a better understand of what your fans react to.
  • Performance by post type – view data by type of post (share, photo, video etc) and the reach, clicks, and reactions you received.
  • Best time to post – shows you when you should be posting based on the activity of your page.
  • Demographic of your fans – offers great insight into the age and sex of your fans.
  • Net likes – gives you an overview of how many new likes or unlikes your page has received.
  • Total reach – shows a daily look at how far your reach is on any given day.
  • Video Views – shows how many people saw a video you shared.
  • Timeline for page fans – gives an easy to understand look at how your fan growth is going.

Can you find all this data in Facebook for free? Absolutely.

But for me – this is so much more useful and easy to read.

Diib social analytics report example


The Emails

You will get a weekly email with a snapshot of how well your website is doing and they also send other emails if there is something significant that has happened.

We have seen some mentions of emails being received after a Google update letting a website owner know that a drop in rank or traffic has happened that coincides with that update.

That is a good thing to have!

Diib Pricing

Diib offers a free subscription which of course has limited access and their full access Pro subscription is $29.99 a month.

When I signed up for the limited access plan I did get an email letting me know I received 3 days of Pro access to really test it out.

I received another email a week or so later offering me a month at a discounted rate of $19.99 so I did take advantage of that as well so I could really test it out to create this review.

Final Diib Review Thoughts

While you can see based on the review we do think this is a service that can help less experienced website owners and those that are looking for an affordable way to get some quick wins for their website – we are not convinced it is a good option for more experienced website marketers.

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