One of the things we find most upsetting as a nonprofit website design agency is the lack of emphasis organizations place on their donation page design and call to actions.

Since fundraising is such a critical part of why these groups have a website – having creative, engaging and informative donation pages and call to actions can make all the difference in their fundraising efforts.

We do a lot of research into seeing what the best nonprofit websites in different market segments are doing to keep up with the latest trends.

When we do our research, sadly we see donation pages that are often lacking in so many basic items. While the nonprofit may have invested a lot of money into the design and development of the website itself, they clearly lost interest at the donation page.

Having a combination of inline donation forms and a great landing page will be the most effective for fundraising! By adding a donate button in your header which leads supporters to a lackluster donation page – you are putting your fundraising goals at risk!

When implementing donation tools – it is important to not only implement them with a clear goal and purpose – but to change them out so they do not become “invisible” to repeat visitors.

Below we are outlining some of the best donation pages we have found so you can be inspired to do more for your own organization.

We will update this list as we find more great donation page designs!

Oxfam America

We love this donation page for so many reasons! It really promotes key components that can directly impact the donations they receive.

  1. At the top of the page they give an option for people to give monthly or just one time. We would actually make this area pop a bit more and maybe make the monthly donation pop even more to encourage that kind of giving!
  2. We LOVE how they created “preset” giving amounts of $60, $100 and $250 and show the direct impact of what each donation can make.
  3. Having the confirmation that they are a trusted and well respected charity with their reviews and banners that show their accreditation is a huge asset in helping to convert those donations.
  4. They also have more call to actions further down on the page to encourage giving in different ways whether to shop for gifts, create a legacy program and more.

Our only other change we would make to their donation page is to possibly pop the “donate the other amount” box as well a that seems to get a bit lost below the 3 main donation recommendation blocks. Other than that this is a pretty great example of a donation page that you should consider!

Oxfam Donation Page - Great Example


Simplistic – but yet effective! The 4-H is a great example of a simply designed donation page that still offers supporters critical information.

  1. The top features a small paragraph about what the 4-H does for kids and gives you an idea of how your donation will be used.
  2. The donation form example on this page features donation blocks with suggested donation amounts that clearly tells you how many kids the donation will help.
  3. A small box below will allow them to mark the donation as a recurring gift – we would highly recommend making this more prominent though to encourage better conversions on this.
  4. The bottom of the page features some logos to reinforce “trust” and they also have clearly noted their federal tax id number.

While there is no amazing creativity to the page – it is will done and a good example for those organizations that may not have technical staff to make a really customized and creatively designed donation page.

Donation Page Example 4H

Invisible Children

So we recently discovered that Invisible Children updated their donation page so it looks a bit different than our original share! While the new one is equally as gorgeous in different ways – we do still like the original and are leaving that below so you can see both!

The new version features a large engaging images that represent who they are helping with the donate form prominently shown over it.

We do really like the addition of showcasing some of the lives that have been changed by the donations and think that really adds to the page and would imagine increases the conversions! Both of the Invisible Children donation pages are really well done – the old version and the new! The only thing we noticed on the new page is the lack of assurance in regards to security…we like that on the older version.

Donation Page Design for Invisible Children

THE OLD VERSION: We absolutely love the older version of their donation page. It is bright and open and clean and the image they picked just sucks you in.

  1. The donation page shows their intro text to talk about the basics of what the organization does – the only suggestion we would make here is that they embellish a little more about examples of how the money will help and maybe include a small piece about what a $50 donation would provide versus a $200 donation. Supporters being able to see where their money is going are more likely to donate!
  2. We do like how the amounts start with the highest at the left – this is a creative way to encourage larger donations and do not see it done this way too often.
  3. They have also included a donor match by employers which is something that should be considered to encourage more donations
  4. There is also an option for donors to cover the credit card fees as well which should be something every nonprofit offers.
  5. Additionally, the links in the sidebar that show a secure website and basic donation questions is a great asset. Our only recommendation would be to add proof of their stability and honesty as a nonprofit whether via reviews or banners from or other similar websites!

Donation Page Examples - Invisible Children

Pencils of Promise

We love the boldness of this page with the dramatic image that clearly speaks as to what they do!

  1. Their donation box shows how your donation funds quality education – and they offer several levels of donation to promote suggested amounts.
  2. The passport member allows you to do monthly donations automatically – and we encourage that with every nonprofit!
  3. The “other ways you can give” link brings up a cool popup with all the other ways you can get involved, we think this is a creative and simplistic way to promote all of the ways supporters can help the organization.

While they do add the Guidestar and BBB logos in the popup – we would recommend adding those to the page itself to promote their credibility.

Pencils for Promise Example Donation Page

One Drop

Updated January 9, 2020 – we noticed their donation page no longer looks like this and is actually less engaging than what they had. We wish they had left it or improved it! We will keep the below for inspiration purposes!

One of our favorite donation page examples that we have looked at! The colors, the images, the clarity are all perfect!

  1. The “what your donation does” area is beautifully done. The images add an element that helps supporters feel something when they decide whether to make a donation or not.
  2. The recommended dollar amount to donate is shown along with the impact it will have on the people the organization helps which gives a supporter a real outlook on how their support is making an impact!
  3. If your nonprofit works internationally – then having the ability to add donations in different currencies is a nice addition – and on this page it was done extremely well.
  4. We also like how they have added an optional donation form with their mailing address for offline donations.

There is just so much to love about this page – admit it, when you just peaked you wanted to donate didn’t you?

OneDrop Donation Page Example

Donation Page – The Conversion Tips

These are just a few great examples – we will keep an eye out for other great ones to add in the future! But there are a few things every nonprofit donation page should have, so we wanted to follow up with a simple list to make sure you have covered your bases!

I highly recommend finding a nonprofit specific web agency or freelancer that can assist you with designing a great nonprofit donation page to help you make the biggest impact!

Testing is also an important part of donation page design, so trying different variations of your pages will help as well. Something as simple as changing a color or font can make a big difference in donation conversions!

Here are some important tips if you are considering redesigning your donation pages:

  1. Make sure you tell supporters HOW their donation will make an impact.
  2. Do not ask too many questions on your form – sometimes we see an endless amount of required fields on donation forms, we highly discourage this as it can lower your conversion rate.
  3. Add images! Images speak volumes so be sure to add them to your donation page to engage and tell your story.
  4. Use donation tools that allow users to stay within your website. By taking them off your website to an external website may minimize your ability to be creative with your page and you will also lose your “branding”.
  5. Add elements that show your organizations trust level – whether reviews from trusted sources or links from validated fundraising platforms.
  6. Give an option for donors to pay for the credit card fees.
  7. Have an option for recurring monthly donations – and make it prominent!

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