There was no shortage of complaints among the SEO community when Keywords Everywhere decided to start charging for their service. While the costs were still minimal, many began to search for options to using Keywords Everywhere for their browser keyword research.

Below are 3 browser extension options for Keywords Everywhere that I think are really great options.

I did not add any other keyword research tools to this list since I figured if you are looking for an alternative to Keywords Everywhere – then you are looking for an extension not a tool!

Keywords Everywhere was (and still is) a great tool for getting keyword-level metrics overlaid on top of websites like Google Search, Search Console, and YouTube. This means you’re able to get important information like search volume, related searches, and similar keywords as you navigate search results pages as part of your keyword research process.

What Is Keywords Everywhere?

For those of you who do not know, Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Firefox or Chrome that shows you some important data for keywords that can help you understand if it is a keyword with optimizing for.

Keywords Everywhere Metrics

  • Monthly Search Volume – an average per month for the last 12 months
  • Cost Per Click – what advertisers are spending for a single click
  • Competition Overview – numbers of advertisers running ads for the keyword

Below is a screenshot of what you can expect to see if you enter a keyword once the add-on is installed. These results do not show the keyword metrics – now if you want to see the metrics you will need to click the Load Metrics button.

keywords everywhere results no metrics

If I click the metrics button – which tells you how many credits you will use from your account your screen will now look like the below.

You can see the volume, cost per click, competition value and the trends for the keyword. You can get the data for the related keywords or people also search for – or both like I did.

keywords everywhere with metrics

The add-on was free to use up until fall 2019 but then they started charging which many people were not at all happy about.

But the pricing is minimal and for the data you get it is still worth it. But I understand some still want those free tools so below are some Keywords Everywhere alternatives you can consider using – free and paid.

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

While there is a lot of options for keyword research, I am only going to talk about browser extensions as alternatives since that is probably why you are here!

There are no extensions that do exactly the same thing that Keywords Everywhere does, but below are the ones that are as close as possible.


Keyword Surfer: Our Top Free Pick

In my opinion – this is the best option overall if you are replacing Keywords Everywhere. While it does not have is the CPC or competition level – it has other features that are even better!

Keyword Surfer is our tool of choice these days and the Chrome extension I have as our alternative to Keywords Everywhere! It is the only keyword research extension I could find that was free.

I use the full SurferSeo tool for my onsite page optimization – and highly recommend everything they create.

Surfer does not give metrics like CPC or competition but it does give you estimated search volume and word correlation percentages that can help you find related words to add to your content.

There are also correlation charts that can help you see how many words, keywords and traffic the top 10 competitors get for the term. These will of course not be exact, but are a good visual of opportunities.

Keyword Surfer Metrics

  • Estimated search volume for keywords
  • Related keyword ideas with similarity ranking
  • Estimated traffic for top 10 results
  • Estimated number of words in the top 10 results
  • Number of exact keywords used on the top 10 pages

The add-on also shows the traffic and in-page data in the correlation area on below the URL in the search results as you can see in the below image so you can always get an idea of how competitive the top 10 listings are!

You can also save your results on a clipboard and choose your preferred country.

keywords everywhere alternative keyword surfer



Another free option that does a good job of delivering some basic metrics to help you with your keyword research.

Ubersuggest’s extension gives you some SEO metrics that helps you improve your optimization and get a better understanding of the competitiveness of the keywords you are considering using. It is a good option to Keywords Everywhere and although not as strong as Keyword Surfer – it is still a great option for you to consider.

Ubersuggest Metrics

  • Estimated search volume for keywords
  • Related keyword ideas with CPC
  • Backlinks and rank correlation that shows the relation of number of backlinks to rank position

The above are shown in the right sidebar but you will also see below each result data about their social shares, domain authority and number of backlinks that will help you see the competitiveness of the top pages to determine if you can outrank them.

The sidebar also features suggestions, questions, prepositions and comparisons which are all important to helping you do your keyword research. Clicking on those will take you to the Ubersuggest dashboard to get more data. You do get some additional data for free but there are limits then there is a subscription.

ubersuggest as an alternative to keywords everywhere



Not free, but affordable and a great option for a SEO suite of tools to help you improve your rank.

The browser extension is a little different in that it does not show results or keywords in the browser itself, but within a popup or within their tool.

Below is an example of the keywords for a page I was looking at that had a a “best shoes for flat feet” list. I clicked the Mangools icon in my browser and this is what I get, a cool fly out box with all of the details about the page.

You can also click the little icon in the search results to open the keywords in your Mangools account interface.

mangools extension to replace keywords everywhere

The data in KWFinder they provide will really help you improve your onsite optimization and help you see what your competitors are using to better understand how you can improve your content!



Another alternative that also requires a subscription, but it is an incredibly affordable option.

KeySearch is a fantastic tool of SEO products for small website owners and bloggers and the browser add-on is a great way to level up the competition to assess your opportunities to rank.

Once you do a search for a keyword you can click the KeySearch icon and see the level of competition that the top pages are presenting to see if you can compete.

While this tool does not give keyword level data right from the search results like the others – once you know if the term is one you can compete for you can then go into the tool to get the keyword data you need and want!

keysearch browser extension

Final Thoughts

Yes, there are more ways to do keyword research, but since this post was specific to finding Keywords Everywhere alternatives – we limited it to just extensions.

Clearly there are not a lot of great alternatives – especially free, but between Ubersuggest and Keyword Surfer you should be able to get a great handle on what keywords you should be using in your content.

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