After your church or nonprofit’s website is designed and the site is officially live, there’s still more work to be done. Most importantly, you need to perform website maintenance to keep your site up and running smoothly.

If website maintenance isn’t something your organization can do in-house, it may be wise to purchase a maintenance plan from your website designer. Below, we tackle Yemba Digital’s 3 website maintenance plans and what they include.

First, what is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the constant upkeep and support of your website. It includes updates, backups, security, SSL certificates, and more. Check out our previous article to learn more about why you need a maintenance plan.

Our Maintenace and Content Package Options

The biggest difference between our plans is the amount of content updates you receive. In all of our plans, your organization will receive an SSL certificate and daily backups of your website.

Plan 1: Hosting and Security

For hosting and security, we charge $50 per month.

Our hosting is run through Siteground, and we include uptime monitoring that monitors your site and notifies us if something causes your website to go down. This lets us fix it as quickly as possible. Included with security, we’ll perform all WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates. These updates can help improve site performance and increase security efforts.

Plan 2: Monthly Updates

For monthly updates, we charge $100 per month.

This package includes everything mentioned above (i.e. SSL certificate, backups, hosting, and security), and it gives you access to content updates for your site’s existing pages up to 1 hour per month. 

This plan is great for churches and nonprofits that know they’ll need updates but at an infrequent pace. This may look like updating your organization’s monthly events, staff changes, or whatever your team needs.

Plan 3: Weekly Updates

For weekly updates, we charge $200 per month. 

This package includes all of the services mentioned above, but your organization will receive content updates for your site’s existing pages up to 1 hour per week. 

This plan is great for churches and nonprofits that need updates to their website frequently. This may look like uploading sermon content each Sunday, updating weekly events or announcements, and more.

Need Help?

Consistent website maintenance is important to the overall quality of your website. It helps your website be the best that it can be. If your church or nonprofit can’t handle this maintenance in-house, our team at Yemba Digital is more than happy to help.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your website maintenance needs. We would love the opportunity to serve you.

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