A Simple Word

Who we Serve:

A Simple Word is a ministry committed to developing evangelism and discipleship tools in simple english. The materials on their website can be used at no cost.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Redesign
  • Hosting
  • Course Registrations
  • Content Updates

The Challenge:

As A Simple Word’s ministry began to grow, they needed a new software development company that could provide hosting and content updates for their website. Design wise, they wanted to redo their existing website to make it more visually appealing and more mobile friendly. The ministry also wanted to add educational courses to their website that users could enroll in. That’s where Yemba came in.

Our Process

We took over A Simple Word’s site and began managing it. As we began the redesign process, we worked closely with the organization’s team to make sure they were happy with the new design every step of the way. After building the initial site, we then got to work on the educational courses.

First, we worked with A Simple Word’s team to review all of the course content that would be added. Then, we used the same design style to build the course site. Now, web users can create an account and access a variety of free courses.

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