Cowpunchers Cowboy Church

Who we Serve:

Cowpunchers Cowboy Church, affiliated with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches (AFCC), has 5 locations all in Southern Middle Tennessee. They seek to spread the good news of Jesus Christ while also embracing their western heritage.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Redesign
  • Online Giving
  • Domain Redirects
  • Maintenance Training
  • SEO Services

The Challenge:

Cowpunchers Cowboy Church wanted a website that would feature all 5 of their locations in one place. They also wanted to integrate an online giving platform to make giving easier for their members. In addition to a clean design, they needed their website to be easy to use and update. Cowpunchers also wanted to update their domain name while keeping the traffic from their old site. That’s where Yemba came in.

Our Process

We worked closely with the pastors and other leaders at Cowpunchers Cowboy Church to design a modern, clean website that still represented their western heritage through the fonts, images, and color scheme. We also made it a priority to showcase each of their many church locations. We also integrated a giving platform,, to make online giving easy for the church members.

We also helped Cowpunchers update their domain name without losing previous website traffic. We set up redirects from old page links to the new pages. Because Cowpunchers wanted the site to be easy-to-use, we trained their staff to make the updates themselves.

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