Hillview Baptist Church

Who we Serve:

Hillview Baptist church is a small congregation located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Hillview is a Southern Baptist Church that averages less than 100 in attendance each Sunday.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Redesign
  • Content Updates
  • Sermon Uploads
  • Calendar Plugin

The Challenge:

Hillview’s original website was built and maintained by one of their church members. Once that member no longer attended Hillview, the congregation lost all access to their website. Not knowing anyone who could build a new site, they decided it was time to reach out to a professional developer.

When looking for a developer, Hillview wanted a company that understood how churches worked and what a church website needed. They also wanted a company that could handle content updates and other site maintenance so that they didn’t have to rely on church members volunteering extra time to keep the site up and running. That’s where Yemba came in.

Our Process

We worked closely with Hillview’s pastor to design a new site that met all of their requirements. We also consulted with the church to gather pictures and detailed content so that we could accurately represent the congregation’s mission and personality. The site was designed to look visually appealing while also including all the tools a church site needs (like sermons and a calendar of events.)

Along with the redesign, our team provided security, content updates, and other site maintenance for the church. By eliminating the burden of running their site, our team freed up the leaders and church members at Hillview to focus on their ministries and connect with those in their community.

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