Iglesia Biblica La Verdad

Who we Serve:

Iglesia Biblica La Verdad is a new Hispanic church plant located in Woodbury, New Jersey. They currently meet in another church’s facility on Sunday nights at 6 PM.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Design
  • Site Maintenance
  • SEO Services

The Challenge:

Iglesia Biblica La Verdad is a new church plant in the Woodbury area, so they didn’t have a website. They needed a site quickly so they could have an online presence to introduce themselves to people looking for a church in their area. They also wanted their own website to use as a resource to show potential church planting partners. Being a church plant, they also needed a solution that was budget friendly. That’s where Yemba came in.

Our Process

We worked closely with Pastor Sergio to develop thoughtful content that showed the church’s mission and vision. We created About Us, Our Beliefs, and Meet the Pastor pages to give potential web visitors a good idea of what the church plant is all about.

Knowing the church plant’s timeline, we developed the site quickly so they could begin spreading the word to potential visitors in their area as well as church partners.

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