Manchester Coffee County Conference Center

Who we Serve:

Manchester Coffee County Conference Center is a nonprofit organization located in Middle Tennessee. For over 20 years, they’ve hosted a variety of events in this community.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Redesign
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO Services

The Challenge:

Manchester Coffee County Conference Center wanted a fresh redesign that would better represent their brand and the many services they had to offer to their community. They also wanted their content revised to clean up some SEO issues and provide better traffic to their site. That’s where Yemba Digital came in.

Our Process

We worked closely with the MCCCC team to design and develop pages for each of their services. Because they wanted a website that was more true to their brand, we sought advice from their team when choosing fonts, color schemes, and images so they could feel like the site truly represented them.

We wrote 5 pages of content for their services ranging from weddings to legal meetings and more. Before writing, we performed keyword research and created SEO-friendly content that would help their services be found by the right people in the right area. Now, we take on the majority of their maintenance and updates so they can focus on running their venue.

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