Warriors on the Water

Who we Serve:

Warriors on the Water is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting rest and relaxation for veterans, first responders, and police officers. They host free monthly activities and facilitate healing through outdoor recreation and fishing therapy.

What Services Were Needed:

  • Website Redesign
  • Online Donations
  • Site Maintenance
  • Product Order Form

The Challenge:

Warriors on the Water needed a fresh, new website that would better assist in their mission to help veterans and first responders. They needed a site that could communicate their vision, raise funds, sell t-shirts, and share future events with their supporters. However, as a small nonprofit, they needed a website that could do all this without breaking the bank. That’s where Yemba came in.

Our Process

We worked closely with Gina and Jim Neary to design a site that would accomplish all of the needs listed above at a reasonable cost. We developed Home, About, Contact, and Product pages that clearly detail their vision and mission and encourage web users to attend and support their monthly events.

We also integrated Warriors on the Waters’ Square account to create forms for online donations and t-shirt sales. After launching the website, we trained their team on how to make content updates so they could change the details of their event every month. On our end, we still do necessary plugin/theme updates and other maintenance on their behalf.

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