Having an SEO checklist may be the one thing that can help you keep your website will optimized for the search engines!

This is why, when SEO Buddy reached out to make me aware of their SEO checklist, I was intrigued.

When I do a website audit for a client I provide them a checklist of issues they need to resolve and links to resources to help them resolve it and my clients seem to love it.

SEO Buddy took that concept and made it amazing with their SEO Checklist which is available to everyone.

About SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is a guide created by the SEO Buddy team that is easy to use offers lots of great resources to optimize every SEO item on your website.

Of course the ultimate goal being to improve your website enough to reach those top organic search result spots! This guide is a great way to get the basics under control and improve your chances of getting those top rankings.

What Does The SEO Checklist Include?

Basically, you get everything you need to take the best SEO actions to improve your organic growth! Here is a list of what you will receive with your order:

Below I will talk about each of these items in a bit more detail so you know what each item is and how it can help you.

102-Point SEO Checklist

The checklist is provided on a Google Sheet document and is color coded to break down each area of SEO goodness you need to address.

Here are the columns you can find and what each does.

  • Column 1 – the item you need to address
  • Column 2 – the note column, when you hover over it it provides a brief detail about the item and why it is important
  • Column 3 – status to keep track of where you are in the process
  • Column 4 – lets you know if it is an easy item to tackle or something harder
  • Column 5 – tells you the impact that improving this item can have on rank
  • Column 6 – gives an estimated expense to complete the item based on the tools that may be needed to complete it
  • Column 7 – lists the tools that might be needed to complete the item
  • Column 8 – offers SOP links to help you dig deeper into what needs to be done
  • Column 9 – will show you if there is a video available to watch for that item
  • Column 10 – offers links to additional resources to help you learn about that specific item

Below is a screenshot showing the first few columns.

seo checklist sheet example

This screenshot shows the last few columns and how when you hover over certain areas you can see the links to additional information.

The SOP’s (standard operating procedures) are additional PDF files that dig even deeper into certain details about an SEO item. There are 42 of these included in the spreadsheet.

seo checklist column example

62 Page SEO Ebook

The e-book contains 8 chapters of content that help you get a great baseline for understanding SEO. It is filled with best practices and tips to help you improve your SEO efforts. Below are the chapters that are included:

  • Foundation which helps you understand how to set up analytics, search console and some onsite basics and keyword tracking options.
  • User Experience covers a variety of items that improve the experience a visitor has when visiting your site. From site speed to URL creation to how to use heat maps.
  • Performance focuses on web hosting, speeding up your website and more technical aspects of owning a website.
  • Technical SEO takes you through sitemaps, SSL, indexing issues and more that will help your content show well in the search engines and minimize ranking issues.
  • Content will help you improve your content strategy from creating content hubs to lessening issues with cannibalization.
  • On-page SEO will help you understand user intent and how to best create posts and pages to skyrocket your traffic.
  • Off-page SEO will help you look at strategies like link-building and guest posting to improve authority and rank.
  • Local SEO focuses on how to claim a business, using NAP and how to create local content to improve your local ranking.

Each section offers a great overview and I was impressed with the amount of tools and links offered to help you with many of the items they were suggested you do.

The tips and tricks were short and sweet and written in a way they were easy to understand even by non-techies.

SEO Checklist Trello Board

If you are a Trello user you will love the SEO Checklist Trello board! All of items in the spreadsheet are added to a template you can use to manage the work you need to do.

This is a great way to track deadlines and work with your team on doing the improvements you found from the checklist.

seo checklist on trello

52 Week Content Planner

This PDF is filled with some great basics about generating content ideas.
Perfect for beginners or those that are ready to take their blog to the next level and need ideas for how to get content ideas. Experienced SEO’s will not find much new in this PDF though.

It offers some great tips on how to use the keyword tool in Ahrefs to find a variety of topics to write about around your main topic.

There is also an available Trello board for your content planning calendar if you prefer to work on Trello.

If you are just starting out in Ahrefs- this will be a goldmine for you! And, yes – Ahrefs is pricey, but you can get a 7 day trial for a $7.

So go ahead and get the Ahrefs trial and put this part of the SEO Buddy tool to use! You can get a LOT of data in 7 days!

Content Distribution Checklist

OK, I am guilty. Guilty of being horrible at content distribution. This is the one thing I am just bad at for so many reasons, mainly because I just never know where to begin.

I seriously found their content planner to be one of the most useful parts of the bundle!

There are several tabs across the bottom to help you keep track of your social sharing and content distribution.

The Main Checklist features color coded blocks and recommendations for various content promotion strategies. Includes columns for keeping track of status, difficulty, impact, cost and even resource links for some how to guides.

The other tabs include Facebook, Subreddit, Slack and online communities which help you keep track of your groups that are relevant to your niche and keep important details handy.

These can all be so beneficial in helping you keep track of where and when you have shared content!

content distribution guide

One Month SEOBUDDY Startup Plan Trial

SEOBUDDY is their more traditional SEO software that you can subscribe too that features a lot of tools to help you with your organic keyword growth.

With the purchase of the checklist you can get a 30 day free plan to test it out.

SEO Buddy is a software that helps you with competitive analysis, content idea creation, backlinks and more. I did not test this part of their offering but hope to in the future!

SEO Checklist Pricing

The full retail price for the SEO Checklist is $97.00.

Worth it? Maybe.

If you are a beginner or someone who has no real experience with taking your SEO more seriously – then the value is definitely there! You will learn a lot and have a great tool for tracking your progress and SEO actions.

For those of us with more experience – the tool itself is a great item, but the SEO tips and tricks are probably things you already know.

It would be great if he could offer just the spreadsheet at a lower price for those of us who do not need the rest.

So – yes I do recommend this for those who want to do more themselves – and recommend it highly!

Use the coupon code 2dogsdesign to get 25% off so you only pay $72.75.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the SEO checklist. There is a huge amount of value for the price and that fact that is gives you not only a checklist – but resources and tools to work on things on your own is kind of priceless.

This is a great tool not only for beginners but even experienced SEO’s who may want to use this for their client audits.

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