SEO PowerSuite is a set of tools that can help you mange your SEO yourself! From a Rank Tracker with a ton of bells and whistles to a link outreach tool there is a little bit of everything at a great – and affordable price. This SEO PowerSuite review is written by someone who uses it daily!


About SEO PowerSuite


One of the most common questions we get asked is “what tools do you use for SEO”.  Usually we start that answer with “well the tools we use are mostly enterprise and can be costly”!

Not really what people want to hear.

Which is why we wanted to talk about SEO PowerSuite – which we think is the perfect option for nonprofits and small businesses who want to tackle their own SEO! It is a multi-tool software that you download to your own computer that is focused on helping you improve your website.

From technical analysis – to link building – to keyword tracking, everything you need to make your website skyrocket in the search engines.

This is the 1st in a series of posts about SEO PowerSuite – we will cover each part of the tool in a separate post to better outline the features of each tool!


What Can SEO PowerSuite Help With?


Without the proper seo software tools you will have a hard time knowing and understanding the inner workings of your website and how the search engines see you. To do content optimization properly and help the search engines understand what your content is about, SEO tools are kind of important!

Below are just a few of the most common items we assess with the tools that we use – but there are so many more things the tools can help with too!


  1. To get a general overview of your keyword rank
  2. To better understand your current backlink data and get ideas for new ones
  3. To be able to audit your website throughout the year to check for things like broken links, speed issues, code related issues and more.
  4. Competitor analysis


These are a just a few things that a good SEO tool can help you with. While there are a few free ones that offer some insight into some of these areas, they are usually not a comprehensive look at how your website is doing in all of the key areas you should be reviewing frequently.



What Makes SEO PowerSuite Special?

Price + Value!


For a low annual fee you get a whole lot of tools to help you grow your rank and traffic!


I have been a user of SEO PowerSuite for MANY years! I started with them for the same reason others do – because the price was right, and as a new business I needed to be smart about my spending.

Until I had enough clients to justify the cost of the other options – SEO PowerSuite was my tool of choice and served me well.

I have seen the improvements in their software over the years and the passion they have for bringing us exactly what we need when we need it.

Admittedly, when I first started with them it was a bit of a clunky tool that ran really slow and I never felt it returned all the data I really needed – but that has changed 1000x over! As an SEO services company it is now a critical part of our suite of tools to help clients improve their organic rank.



SEO PowerSuite Tools


SEO PowerSuite is actually a package of SEO tools that you download to your computer (it is available for PC and Mac) – that gives you everything you need to improve your website!


It offers 4 unique tools in this package, listed in order of what we use the most:




Website Auditor

Find out where your website has technical issues that can prevent the search engines from crawling it properly and so much more!


We use this tool for every SEO client we have because it offers so much more than just audits!


It is a must have tool that helps you find technical issues with your website! Helps you find pages that have crawl issues, redirect issues, broken links and so much more.


It can also help you determine how well your content is optimized for the search engines and offers advice and tips on how to improve your content to rank better with TF-IDF.

You can buy Website Auditor here or read our full in-depth guide and review!





This is an example of a report from Website Auditor that we absolutely love! It allows us to easily see the hierarchy of a website at a glance to ensure that a website is well focused around keyword groups and related content.

We will dig more into this in our Website Auditor review post where you can see all of the different information and capabilities of this tool.



Visualization Tool in Powersuite's Website Auditor




SEO Spyglass

Knowing your backlinks and your competitors is an important part of beating your competition and with SEO Spyglass you can get an overview of the links for both!


It pulls from a variety of different sources to get one of the largest backlink profiles, we have seen a huge improvement in this tool recently. While we still use Ahrefs for a primary pull of backlink data – SEO Spyglass is a second source that we then compare to the data from Ahrefs. These 2 tools combined give us a really great overview of how well your backlink program is going and how you can improve it.


You can also view the backlinks of competitors which can help you with procuring new backlinks!






Rank Tracker

Our favorite part of SEO PowerSuite by far! This is a full scale rank tracker that allows you to see where you are ranking at any given time.


Keyword tracking and research tool to help you see where you rank as well as find new keywords and phrases to bring new traffic.


You can see how competitive a keyword is, who currently ranks for it and track your progress with their easy to understand graphs and charts. While we want to state that there is no perfect rank tracking tool – we do find Rank Tracker to be pretty accurate in the data they deliver.

It is a great tool to see where you are – and how much you improved in the search engines and can also give you an overview of where you were at a specific period in time. There are so many great features!




Link Assistant

Your outreach tool to help you find and reach out to other websites for backlinks.


We have not used this part of the tools as much since we have not really focused too much on any type of in-depth link building campaign – but we hope to begin working with this link management tool soon!


Link Assistant is a link outreach tool that can help you find opportunities for building backlinks. Type in a keyword and you have an array of options for researching opportunities on forums, blogs, guest posts, commenting and more to get backlinks to your website.





SEO Powersuite is definitely a top choice for link building opportunities for solo-preneurs, nonprofit organizations or small businesses who need to have a better understanding of their website! While there are also large enterprise clients that are using this set of seo tools – we are only focusing on why we think it is great for the smaller guys out there like us!



We will be doing a mini-tutorial on each of these 4 seo tools in the coming weeks so we can share the tools we think our nonprofit community and business owners would use the most.



SEO PowerSuite Review



As with every tool there are good and bad things about it. So we wanted to share both sides in this overview so you can see what it does well – and not so well.



The Not So Good



  1. Speed – The main issue with this tool is that it can be slow to pull the data. Because it is a downloaded software that runs on your computer, if you have a slow internet connection it may be cumbersome and take a while to get the data – especially if you have a big website. If you run a report – we suggest you run it when you do not need to do anything else on the computer. Also there are options that SEO PowerSuite suggest to ensure your processing is as fast as it can be.
  2. Learning curve – this tool has some amazing features – so there will be a learning curve to really get the most benefit from it. SEO PowerSuite has done an exceptional job with tutorials and they offer great support as well. But you do need to learn about how to properly use it to get the information you need. But it is worth it!



The Really Good



  1. Cost – there is a flat annual fee with no limits on searches, tracking or anything you need.
  2. Accuracy – this toolset is one of the most accurate we use. We use Website Auditor and Rank Tracker often and find the accuracy is spot on with other tools we have been using.
  3. Support – having been a part of the SEO PowerSuite family for years, I can attest to their level of support – whether through their website, on FB or Twitter – you will get answers fairly quickly.
  4. Training – they have an amazing set of blog posts to educate you on the various ways you can use their SEO toolset to help you grow your website. They are easy to read with great imagery and you can follow along really easy!



Is SEO PowerSuite Worth The Money?


In our opinion – ABSOLUTELY! When compared to the other tools out there, hands down it is a good value.


Let’s talk a bit about the cost and what you get!



The free versions is perfect to test things out! Download the entire SEO PowerSuite set and you will have the opportunity to run the program to see if it is right for you.

There are of course limitations to what you can do – but you will be able to run enough tests to get some great information which should sell you on the value.



Professional License (4 Tools) – $299 per year


This is an annual fee that give you ownership of the suite of tools to use on 1 computer. This is the perfect option for businesses and nonprofits that have smaller budgets for SEO and for small SEO agencies with just a few clients.


Professional License (1 Tool) – $124 per year


This is an annual fee that give you ownership of 1 portion of the tool. For example if you just want to use Rank Tracker you can just purchase that one tool.


Enterprise License (4 Tools) – $699 per year


This is an annual fee that give you ownership of the tool in the enterprise version to use on 1 computer. This is the perfect option for larger businesses, nonprofits or SEO agencies that have a larger client base and need to track more data.


Enterprise License (1 Tool) – $299 per year


This is an annual fee that give you ownership of 1 portion of the tool with the enterprise license.



SEO Powersuite

4 great SEO tools in 1 great package!



The Algo Update Fee Is Gone!


Because of all the misunderstanding about the algo update fee that they charged – SEO PowerSuite changed their pricing structure to remove it!


They used to charge a smaller one-time fee then an annual algo update fee – now it is just all in one flat annual fee noted above.


What was the algo update fee exactly?


A lot of the more expensive tools like Ahref or SemRush charge a lot because of the costs associated with running API’s to pull the data from Google or Bing.

SEO PowerSuite has to do the same — the data it is delivering to you is NOT free and does cost them money. But we find it minimal compared to the other tools out there.



Final Thoughts


For the price, SEO PowerSuite is a fantastic SEO tool with a lot of bang for the buck so to speak. We hope this SEO PowerSuite review helped you see the good – and the bad to help you make a decision!

Yes, the learning curve can be high – and the slowness on older computers or those with less memory can be a little bit of a frustration – the results are accurate and helpful to improving your rank and traffic.


If you have questions about SEO PowerSuite – we will do our best to support you and answer any questions you have about this software tool set.

If you have tried the suite of tools we would love to hear your thoughts!


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