Chances are, you’ve probably already heard of Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile) or seen how it works while making your own Google searches. However, many people don’t realize just how valuable this tool can be for any organization.

And don’t let the phrasing scare you—this tool is for churches and nonprofits, too!

So, What is Google Business Profile?

In short, it’s a tool that gives you a business profile that appears when someone is searching for your organization. Here’s an example of what our company’s Google Business Profile looks like:


A young man shoots a basketball towards the hoop on an outdoor court.


Why Do I Need a Google Business Profile for Nonprofits?

Even though it’s such a simple tool, a Google Business Profile can provide many benefits for your church or nonprofit:

Google Business Profile…

  • Gives users important information. Your business profile collects all your important information and stores it in one place for web users. This gives them easy access and encourages them to interact with you.
  • Boosts your SEO. Creating a business profile shows Google that your organization is real and looking to connect with users. Your profile also directs traffic to your website if you have it linked. Lastly, your profile connects you with local visitors. For example, if someone is searching for a church or nonprofit in Nashville, TN, Google is more likely to recommend your organization if it has that location listed in your profile.
  • Is FREE! This tool helps you better connect with web users, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. What a deal!


How Do I Set Up a Google Business Profile?

If you’re ready to take the next step and start creating your Nonprofit’s profile, 

First, make sure you have a normal gmail account. (If you don’t already, you can set a gmail account up here.)

Once that’s taken care of, you can begin to set up a Google Business Profile here.

The process is fairly simple. You’ll start by inputting some basic information about your organization like your name, address, service area, and ‘business’ category. From there, it will ask for ways web users can contact your church or nonprofit like a phone number and website url.

IMPORTANT: We recommend filling out as much information as you possibly can. A complete business profile gives your organization more credibility with web users. According to Google, users are 70% more likely to visit your organization if you have a complete profile.

(If your church or nonprofit doesn’t have a website to include in your profile, we can help build one for you.)

After filling out the necessities, you’ll need to verify that your organization actually exists and that you are connected to it. It will give you a few options to complete the verification process (including postcard, email, phone, and more.) Pick the easiest option for you to complete, and after you’re verified, you’re good to go!


How Do I Use a Google Business Profile?

It’s not rocket science. To get the best results from your Google Business Profile you simply have to interact with it!

  • Answer user questions. If someone on the web asks a question about your church or nonprofit, answer them! This not only helps that user, but gives others even more information about your organization.
  • Upload new photos. Another feature on the Google Business Profile is the gallery. Add photos when you create your profile, but also continue to add new content as your organization grows. More pictures will give users a better insight into your organization.
  • Respond to reviews (and encourage them). Reviews are probably one of the most important features in your profile. It builds validity and shows that people trust your organization. We recommend encouraging the people you serve to leave reviews on your page. When they do, respond to them. This is another great touchpoint to interact with your visitors.

Lastly, if your organization’s information changes (whether that be an address, phone number, or something else) make sure to update that in your profile. Nothing is more irritating to web users than out-of-date information.

How Can We Help?

If your church or nonprofit organization needs help setting up your Google Business Profile, look no further! Our team at Yemba Digital is more than happy to help out. Reach out to our team today.

Or, if you have the profile down but are looking to fill it out by connecting it to a reliable website, check out our website services for churches and nonprofits. We would love the opportunity to serve you!


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