Once your church or nonprofit’s website goes live, the fun’s not over. You still have to do general maintenance tasks—one of which is keeping your site’s content up to date.

Why do I have to make content updates?

Out with the old, in with the new!

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is vital to providing a good experience for web users who visit your site. You want to be able to truthfully answer any questions they have and give them a good idea of what your organization is currently doing.

Additionally, current content will boost your SEO and encourage more traffic to come to your website.

Can I do it myself or should I hire a professional?

Yes, content updates can be a task that you and your team can handle. If you have the time and expertise, you can keep your site’s content updated for any web visitors.

However, there are some instances where it will save you time and money to call in the professionals. If you find yourself neglecting your website or overwhelmed with the amount of updates needed, you should consider hiring some technical expertise.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of times it may be better to hand the updates off to someone else.

You have constant updates

Depending on your organization, you could need to make updates to your sites weekly or monthly. If you’re a church, you may want to upload the latest Sunday sermon for easy viewing every week. If you’re a nonprofit, you may want to keep your donors and volunteers informed with your upcoming events and how they can help.

Frequent updates such as these can quickly become overwhelming, and, if you fall behind, it can negatively impact the experience of your website visitors.

When you hire someone to make these content updates for you, you’ll have more time to dedicate to what you do best—leading your church or nonprofit. And, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your content is being updated on time.

Your content is outdated

No users like visiting a website that still has event announcements from years back or hasn’t had a new blog post since 2019. People want fresh content that shows your church or nonprofit is still alive!

You should review your website regularly to find any outdated content that needs to be removed or updated. Remove old events or announcements, try to keep your photos current, and remember to make important changes as they come along—like changes in staff members and more.

If you don’t have the time to check your website periodically, it’s wise to hire a professional to do this for you. Content becomes outdated quicker than you think! A hired professional will be more likely to catch old content and will be ready and willing to make any changes you request.

You want to boost SEO

SEO is the best way to increase traffic to your church or nonprofit’s website. Search engines, like Google, prefer websites that have fresh content and are frequently updated. If a search engine likes your website, they’re more likely to recommend your site to web users.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should make small changes every hour of the day. There are some practical tactics that you can use to do this naturally. Remove old, irrelevant information, check your website for broken links, and fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Don’t forget, you should publish new content as well as updating the old.

SEO can be tricky. If you want to effectively optimize your website through updates, hire technical professionals for best results.

It’s too much to handle

Having to make consistent content updates isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have enough time, you’ve already got too many other tasks on your plate, or you just don’t want the stress!

If you find yourself drowning in unfinished updates or struggling to find time to review your current content, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Hiring a professional to make your content updates will help take some responsibility off your plate. And you can rest easy knowing your updates are being made accurately and on time.

Ready to call in the pros?

Our team at Yemba is more than ready to serve you and your website in this area. We know how much it takes to run a church or nonprofit, and we’d love to help you carry the load!

Our resident content writer and other technically trained staff are qualified to make any updates you need. Get in touch with us about your content needs today!

We also offer content add-ons with our website maintenance plan. With our base plan our team will perform important updates, security measures, and other maintenance. You can choose to add content updates to your plan for an additional fee.

If you’re not interested in a plan, you can simply pay for any content updates as needed. We can’t wait to serve you!

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