As a church or nonprofit organization, your logo matters more than you may think. From attracting your target audience to establishing your organization in the community, your logo can play a large role in the success of your organization and how it is represented and perceived.

Below, we discuss the 3 main reasons why your church or nonprofit’s logo truly matters. And, we’ll also dive into what makes a good logo.

1. Your Logo is Your First Impression

Your logo introduces your church or nonprofit to your target audience. Odds are, your organization’s logo is probably displayed front and center on the homepage of your website (and if it’s not, it should be!) 

That being said, your logo is your first chance to catch a website visitor’s eye and interest them in what you have to offer. That’s why you need a design that is eye-catching, visually pleasing, and gives users a sense of what your organization is all about.

2. Your Logo Establishes Authority

In this day and age, any professional organization is going to have a logo. It’s something your website visitors will expect and even look for. By having a logo, and a good one at that, your church or nonprofit can establish yourself as a professional in your community.

Once you have a professional logo that establishes your organization’s authority, people in your community will begin to recognize it.

3. Your Logo Helps You Stand Out

There are hundreds and thousands of churches and over millions of nonprofits across the United States. So, chances are, you aren’t the only organization looking for new visitors or volunteers and donors in your community.

With a prominent, well-designed logo, you can help your organization stand out from the crowd. With your color, font, and image choice, you can communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and personality without even having to say a word.

Additionally, your organization will automatically stand out over others who have a poor, outdated design or no logo at all.

What Makes a Good Logo?

A good logo is made of many parts. First and foremost, you want to make sure your logo is a perfect reflection of who your organization is and what you do. From there, you want to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, high quality, and eye-catching.

Below, we have a few examples of logos we’ve designed for our clients. Let’s dive into what makes them good logos:

Encounter Life Church:

Encounter Life Church is a baptist church in Middle Tennessee. Below is their logo:


ELC’s logo is simple, visually appealing, and follows a nice color scheme that is also reflected across their website. The graphic of the cross, of course, reflects their faith and church mission. With a simple, clean-cut logo like this, they can easily place the logo throughout their website and on any other materials they may want to make (like t-shirts, church signs, or more.)

Simply the Truth Ministries:

Simply the Truth is a nonprofit organization based in Tennessee. They are a disaster relief ministry dedicated to helping survivors of natural disasters clean up wreckage and rebuild their homes. They are also a faith-based organization. Below is their logo:

Simply the Truth’s logo is the definition of eye-catching. From the mountain graphic to the color scheme and fonts, this logo attracts attention. 

However, this logo also does a great job of showing the heart behind their nonprofit. The nature scene reflects the work they do to clean and rebuild across the states. Additionally, the replacement of one ‘t’ with a cross highlights the faith behind their mission. 

First Haitian Metanoia Baptist Church:

First Haitian Metanoia is a baptist church that serves the greater Philadelphia area. First Haitian congregation places a major emphasis on serving and evangelism. Below is their logo:

First Haitian’s logo coincides with the color scheme also depicted on their website (purple and yellow.) This helps give their site a cohesive look. 

This logo also reflects some of the values behind their church. The globe highlights the church’s emphasis on sending missionaries by partnering with evangelical groups like the Send Network. The graphic of the Bible showcases Pastor Noelson’s passion for systematic study of the word.

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